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"mistakes are proof that you are trying"

From the director's desk...

The very first thing I want to do is to congratulate you as a parent for showing inclination towards getting quality education for your ward and giving me and my team a chance to play a vital role in helping your child achieve his/her goal.

This institution was established in 2001 with a promise to its patrons of providing quality education, and once that promise was done, there hasn't been a moment since then when we've let our students down... We've only been better and better... be it our team of educationists, techniques of teaching or our infrastructure.

Lastly, I want to convey my deep concern to all the guardians about the negativity prevailing in the society to which our children become an easy prey. Its our moral responsibility to give them a proper consultation and guide them through this tough world of competition. Where our team of experts provide your teens with the best of their field of expertise, there they also provide them with a stable conscious which enables them to choose between the right and the wrong.

We've produced doctors, engineers, IASs, PCSs, but above all, morally right citizens of this city and the state.

Thank you for believing in us.
Director Career Point - Sahni Classes.